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Small Claims / Civil

The Dayton Mediation Center works with the Dayton Municipal Courts to provide mediation services for select civil cases.

Judges and magistrates may refer cases to mediation.  Additionally, any party or attorney representing a party in a civil or small claims case may request mediation to resolve the claim. Generally, referrals are made on the scheduled trial date and the mediation takes place on-site. Once referred, parties have the opportunity to talk about the claim and make decisions about it with the support of the mediator, a neutral third person.  Through mediation, parties can work toward a resolution that better fits their needs.

If an agreement is reached, the mediated agreement becomes part of the record.  For the Defendant, if terms of the mediated agreement are fulfilled, the case is dismissed and the Defendant may submit the dismissal with the credit bureaus.  For the Plaintiff, if the mediated agreement is broken, Plaintiff may request a hearing to convert the mediated agreement to a judgment.  If parties do not reach an agreement, the case will proceed immediately to trial the same day.

Mediation takes away the adversarial approach and replaces it with a collaborative approach to an issue.  When cases are settled in mediation, both parties report greater satisfaction.

Attorneys interested in pursuing this alternative to trial may click here for more information.