The Dayton Mediation Center offers a variety of conflict intervention services that allow people experiencing conflict to discuss the situation in a private setting

Everyone deserves respectful, non-judgmental support during challenging situations. The Dayton Mediation Center provides the environment to help people feel heard and support people in finding their way thru conflicts with neighbors, family members, broken relationships, workplace situations, landlords and tenants, and others.

People are able to talk to each other at the Dayton Mediation Center. Everyone has a voice and with support in their conversation people gain new understandings of themselves and the other person. With this clearer understanding there is an opportunity to improve relationships and make different decisions.

"This process was exactly as expected. We were pleased to reach an understanding. The mediators were very professional and courteous. All parties were able to leave feeling the goals presented were met."

-Mediation, Participant Feedback


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