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Responding Effectively to Conflict (REC)

Ongoing conflicts often affect our ability to productively interact with others.  Difficult conflict often results in feelings of personal helplessness as well as deep distrust and anger toward others.  These feelings often lead us to think the worst of those who disagree with us, demonizing them in thoughts and actions and reacting in destructive ways toward them.

The Dayton Mediation Center offers workshops on how to manage conflicts in personal, workplace, and family situations.  Based on the theories of the Transformative Approach to Mediation from The Promise of Mediation (Bush and Folger), strategies are presented to support people in turning the negative and destructive cycle of conflict interaction into a more productive and constructive interaction.  The emphasis in this training is on learning how to respond with greater self-awareness by balancing regard for self and other, rather than reacting in the moment in ways that turns conflict into crises.

This workshop is offered periodically throughout the year.  Please use the Contact Us form if you are interested in participating in the next workshop.