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Your Scheduled Mediation

If you’ve received a letter that says that you are scheduled for mediation, please call the telephone number on the letter and confirm your appointment. At that time, a staff person can answer any questions you have. If you reach the Dayton Mediation Center’s voicemail, please leave a message with as many details as possible; including your name, date of the mediation, a number to return the phone call and any questions you have. You may also read more about mediation on this web site.

If you do not have questions, please call to let us know you received the letter and if you will be attending the mediation.  If you have a concern about the date or time of the mediation, please let us know and we will do our best to address your concern.

On the day of your mediation, please come to 371 West Second Street and park in our free parking lot behind the One Stop Center. Directions and parking information are available here.  When you enter the building, sign in with the security guard and then take the elevator to the 3rd floor.  Exit the elevator and walk to the end of the hall. The receptionist will let the mediators know you are here and will give you further instruction.

Attorneys: please read this information on mediations if your client is scheduled for mediation.

Questions? call us at (937)333-2345