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Civil Mediation

The Dayton Mediation Center works with the Dayton Municipal Courts to provide mediation services for select civil cases.


Small Claims

Currently all small claims cases are referred to mediation. Mediation is voluntary and once referred it is up to the participants if they would like to continue to resolve their claim through a conversational mediation process. When small claims cases are settled within mediation, both parties report greater satisfaction.



The Civil Mediation Program also provides mediation services for eviction cases referred by Judges and Magistrates. The program gives tenants and landlords an opportunity to talk about issues such as move-out dates, payment plans for back rent, and maintenance requests that become part of the court record. Tenants can avoid having an eviction on their record or work on a plan to remain on the premises. Landlords can negotiate a guaranteed move-out date or back rent.


Mediation takes away the adversarial approach and replaces it with a collaborative approach to an issue. Parties can work towards a resolution that better fits their needs. Generally, fewer additional legal actions are filed when using the mediation process in small claims and eviction cases.