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From Modest Beginnings to Present-Day Success

For the past 26 years, the Dayton Mediation Center (Center) has provided mediation and other conflict management services for and beyond the city of Dayton, Ohio. With its modest beginnings, the Center has become one of the premier community mediation centers in the nation with the support of City of Dayton, the Montgomery County Juvenile Court, and other key funders and supporters. The Center currently is managed by three full-time conflict management professionals with more than 45 years of professional and academic experience in the field of conflict management. Additionally, the Center’s success is also attributed to the talents of 8 contractors, 2 student interns, 1 international intern, and 80 active volunteer mediators and advisory board members. Annually, the Center staff and volunteers conduct more than 700 mediations, train 50 new volunteer mediators, and provide other conflict management services to more than 3,000 community members and organizations.

Impressive Growth

In 1987, the Center had a small service base with the Montgomery County Juvenile Court and City of Dayton neighborhoods. With hard work and passion, the Center staff built a solid reputation as the local primary provider of high quality professional conflict management services. Since 2009, the Dayton Mediation Center’s reputation throughout the state of Ohio has grown with expanded marketing and educational outreach throughout the region. These efforts have resulted in increased  financial support of new funders and  has allowed the creation and administration of new services and programming areas.

Starting in 2012, the number of referred cases to mediation doubled, the number of mediation conducted by staff and volunteers doubled, and the number of volunteers applying to volunteer has increased. In addition to this impressive growth in services and staffing, the Center was fortunate to be able to renovate its office space with the help of the Montgomery County Probation Department. With this renovation, the Center also was provided with additional space in its office to conduct conflict management trainings to generate new revenue, office space for new staff, and more space to conduct mediations. The new training space will help to support the Center’s long-term financial stability.

Present-Day Successes and Continued Growth

In September 2013, the Center began administering  state-wide mediation and conflict management services for the State of Ohio’s Department of Administrative Services for the Ohio Employee Assistance Program (OEAP) for various agencies throughout the state. The Center will train state agencies’ employees on conflict management skills and provide mediation services for workplace conflicts throughout the various state agencies serving the State of Ohio.

2013 also marked a new collaboration between the Center and Wright State University College of Education and Human Services. The Center will become a “professional development community” to support the preparation of rehabilitation practitioners, faculty development and inquiry. In 2014, in connection with this new collaboration, Center staff will provide training for WSU’s Network for Educational Renewal Conference in April 2014.

In 2014, the Center will assume management of the international think tank organization, The Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation, Inc. (The Institute). The Institute is the premiere international organization supporting the research and practice of the “Transformative Approach” to conflict management.

The Center’s success over the past 26 years would not have been possible without the commitment of the City of Dayton to support the work of Center staff and volunteers. The Center will continue its efforts to increase awareness and use of its services as well as community outreach and education to help turn more conflict to conversation for in 2014.

Center Growth in 2013

Expanded Partnerships:

–          Montgomery County Juvenile Court: Visitation-Parenting Mediation

–          Dayton Municipal Court: Eviction Mediation, Community Impact Panels , and Court-Ordered Civil Mediation

–          Dayton Police Department: Police Mediation Program

–          Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office : Harrison Township Police Mediation Program

–          Miamisburg Municipal Court: Civil Mediation Program

–          Community Mediation Services of Central Ohio (Columbus, OH): Landlord-Tenant Mediation Program

–          Indiana University East (Richmond, IN): Training

–          Antioch University Midwest (Yellow Springs, OH): Negotiation Training

New Services:

–          Responding Effectively to Conflict training

–          Community Business Conversation Program

–          CLE-CEU credits for mediation training

–          Conflict coaching for individuals

–          Prison Re-Entry Circles

–          Team Building  for various government, non-profit, and profit organizations

–          Peer Mediation Programs in 5 local school districts

–          New Community Mediation Center Development Assistance (Columbus, Ohio)

For More Information

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